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Can we put down a deposit on a puppy before it is ready to go home?

Absolutely. The puppies are sold on a first come first server basis, so if you have not put down a deposit on a puppy, anybody could step in and take it. All deposits are applied to the purchase price of the puppy.

We typically start placing ads when the puppies are about 5 weeks old, so it is important to put down a deposit if you're sure you've found the puppy you want and they're not ready to go home yet, or if you're not able to pick them up right away.

Deposits are $200 initially, which will hold the puppy for one week, or until they're 7 weeks old if the deposit is made prior to 6 weeks. If they need to be held longer, we request an additional $100 deposit per week that they're held. We will typically hold them as long as needed, but recommend they're picked up before 10 weeks; the 6-14 week period is a big learning time for puppies and it's best to not miss out on too much of that key time.

The deposits are typically non-refundable, people usually want the puppies around 6-9 weeks old and so they’re harder to place after 10-weeks, ads are done, etc. The deposit is to cover any expenses that would result from holding them and re-placing them (additional ad time, vet bills, food, price reduction, etc.); if we’re able to find a new home quickly, at no additional cost, then we’ll refund the deposit, or refund any amount that didn't go toward re-homing the puppy. We’re not trying to make extra money off of deposits, just trying to protect ourselves and make sure people are serious.

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