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Do you offer any kind of health guarantee?

We do not offer health guarantees, but we do recommend that you have your new puppy checked by your vet within a week of picking them up; they will likely need a round of shots within that time anyhow. If your vet were to find any health issues you’re free to bring the puppy back for a full refund, please bring a copy of the health records and vet contact info. We also reserve the right to have the puppy checked by our own vet.

Similar with any guarantee, if that's important to you, make sure you understand what you're getting. We've researched the guarantees offered by a number of other breeders; we've found clauses that incur fees on the buyer if they're found to be breeding the dogs, others that exclude the breeders from any liability as soon as the puppy is delivered to the buyer, other that say the seller isn't responsible for any vet bills, and almost all of them exclude every common health problem that you can run into as a dog owner. Many warranties only cover death, only from genetic defects, are only valid for 2-5 years, and require proof in the way of buyer-paid autopsies and testing. Many of these breeders are selling the dogs for $2000-$2500 and paying upwards of $650 to get listed as a "recommended breeder" on websites.

We got both of our dogs from Abby's mom, who has been breeding dogs for many years. We also use stud dogs that she owns and have a history of producing healthy puppies. Because of our close tie to bloodline of our dogs, we're confident in their health.

If you are traveling outside of the country with your new pet, or feel like you need a confirmation of health from a vet for your own personal piece of mind, that shouldn't be a problem. Likewise, if you do run into any health issues with any of our puppies, please let us know.
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