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Why do you mix breeds?

We originally started breeding English Bulldog / Boxer hybrids, and did so because of the health issues that are prone to English Bulldogs; by mixing the two you got a lot of the characteristics of an English Bulldog but typically healthier.

For Goldendoodles, the hybrid doesn't really have any health benefits like it would for the English Bulldog hybrids. Ultimately we like the hybrid breeds because you tend to get the best of both, for Goldendoodles you get the playful nature of a Golden Retriever with the hypoallergenic qualities of a Poodle.

Another advantage is a mix of characteristics across the puppies; they don't all look the same, some will have wavy hair, some more curly, different colors, sizes, etc. It offers a little more variation and options than what you typically get with purebred breeds.

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