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Are your puppies registered?

No they are not. There are a few organizations that do register Goldendoodles or other hybrid breeds, but none are really established in the same way that the AKC, UKC, or other well-known organizations are.

Most current organizations that register Goldendoodles don't provide any real benefit; many are established with the hope that tracking the pedigree back to the AKC-registered dogs will allow the Goldendoodles to become registered if the AKC were to ever allow Goldendoodles to become an official breed. However, most Goldendoodles are first generation (F1), second generation (F2), or backcrossed (b) to a purebred Poodle (for more information on hybrid generations click here); most established breeders don't generally continue down to the extended multi-generations breeding the exact same mix, and without that consistency in what's produced, the ACK will likely never recognize Goldendoodles as a registerable breed.

We feel that the variation among the puppies in the litters is part of the appeal, getting to choose exactly what you want, but that doesn't mesh with the concept of show dogs and registrations to show pedigree, consistency, and "champion" bloodlines. For example, multi-color (e.g., Parti) Poodles are disqualified from show, yet they're some of the more popular and desired markings on Goldendoodles.

If you're not looking for a show dog, don't worry about registration. Find a breeder that you trust and choose the dog that you want.

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