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Do the puppies get their first round of shots before they are ready to go home?

It depends. Puppies need their first round of shots between 6 and 8 weeks old and we start to let them go home with people right at 6 weeks old. Depending on the day of the week the puppies were born and our availability, we'll typically get shots for any puppies that we have when they're between 7 and 8 weeks old unless we know somebody is planning to pick them up prior to their 8 week birthday and they prefer to get the shots themselves.

Many people feel like it's better for the puppy to get all of their shots at the same vet so that they know which shots have been given, the vet has all of the records, etc. Many vets have clinics once or twice a week where they give shots without a consultation fee, so ask your vet if they offer that.

For reference, puppies need 4 rounds of shots; the first is between 6-8 weeks, the second is between 9-11 weeks, the third is between 12-16 weeks, and the fourth is after 16 weeks. We recommend waiting at least two weeks between each round of shots.

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