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How big will Goldendoodles get?

Goldendoodles can come in a wide range of sizes. Golden Retrievers are generally anywhere from 55-85 lbs and Poodles can range from 5-80 lbs, so it's very dependent on the parents, the generation, and mostly the size of the Poodles in their blood line if backbred to Poodles over multiple generations.

Goldendoodles loosely follow the same size standards as Poodles:
  • Standard - At least 15 inches at the shoulder (typically taller) and 45+ pounds
  • Klein (Moyen) - Not recognized by the AKC, but 15-20 inches and 40-50 pounds
  • Miniature - Typically 11-15 inches tall and 14-20 pounds
  • Toy - 8-10 inches and no more than 10 pounds (usually 6-9)
  • Teacup - Also not recognized by the ACK, but 5-7 pounds
Notice above that there are gaps, as well as some overlap; for example a 20 pound gap between Moyen and miniature. This is where it gets a little fuzzy for Goldendoodles; breeding to smaller Poodle breeds results in a wider range of sizes. Many breeders will list the size based on that of a parent, even if both are not. Toy and Teacup are not typically achievable with Goldendoodles without significant backbreding and Teacup sizes are not recommended as they are prone to health issues.

Here is some info on our dogs and studs that we have used:
  • Stella - We call her standard size, but she's small for standard at about 40 lbs
  • Tilly - We call her miniature, but she's large for miniature at 35 lbs
  • Amelia - Daughter of Stella and Austin, a Standard size at 45 lbs
  • Austin - We call him standard size, but he's on the smaller end at 45 lbs
  • Furgus - He is a CKC registered Moyen at about 40 lbs
  • Junior - We consider him Moyen at 40 lbs
Again, this is where the size standards can be skewed for hybrid breeds; even puppies in the same litter can vary by 15 lbs when grown. Stella has a parent that is Moyen, which is why she's small for a standard, Tilly has a parent that is miniature so that's what we call her to distinguish the smaller size, Furgus and Junior are purebred and bred as Moyen. Generally speaking you can average the two parents and that's about what you'll get, with some variability. Boys are usually a little bigger than girls. F2 & F3 will be more consistent in size.

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