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What will the puppies look like grown up?

Because Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed, a mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, and sometimes mixed with miniature breeds, there can be a wide variety of size, color, markings, and type of hair. The traits of the puppies lineage, their generation, and their own genes can all come into play. You can tell what kind of coat they'll have from a very young age, some puppies will pick up the curlier hair of a Poodle while others will be more wavy. We're happy to answer questions about specific puppies if you have them.

Dogs typically grow to height from birth to 1 year and then between 1 year and 2 years they start to fill out and become a bit "thicker". Both Stella and Tilly are about 35 lbs. Stella is standard size and Tilly's dad is a miniature poodle, so Tilly is shorter but Stella is a bit skinner. Their puppies will likely weigh about the same, but height could vary a little depending on who they're bred to and Tilly's will be a bit shorter either way.

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