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What determines the price and is it negotiable?

It's common for price to vary among puppies in the same litter; certain colors and markings are more desired and often less common, so those puppies tend to be a little more expensive. This primarily applies to Goldendoodles with Parti and Phantom markings, but Miniature breeds will often come with a higher price tag as well. We try to set fair prices, consistent with other reputable breeders.

Our prices are firm until the puppies are 10 weeks old. At that time we may consider dropping the price a little depending on how much interest we've had and the time left on advertisements. That said, when we bred the English Bulldog / Boxer hybrids, they'd often all have deposits prior to 6 weeks old. Out of 9 litters we only ever dropped the price on 1 puppy, and that's only because it was held on deposit and the family backed out when the puppy was almost 10 weeks old.

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